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Snubbing sugar
is a sweet idea

Knowing that l'm on the too much
added sugar in food...MORE>

Sweet! A guide to
sugar in your shop

HOT on the heels of the sugar-tax

debate, the first easy to use guide to the sugar content...MORE>

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Children eat own body weight in sugar

MANY children are eating their

weight in sugar every year in

Britains obesity crisis....MORE>

A company dedicated to educating on the dangers
of excess sugar, helping everyone shop sugar smart.

The unique SugarSnub™ Food Guide includes simple steps
on sugar reduction, listing supermarket foods in order
of sugar content using the traffic light system.

The book can be used to research prior to your shop; reducing the time and frustration of checking packaging in-store. See quickly the sugar content in
your everyday foods, and make simple swaps to start cutting back on hidden sugars. Breakfast cereals, yoghurts, children’s snacks, ice-creams….. just some
of the comprehensive lists that are easy to navigate. Fat, Sat Fat, Salt and
Calories, are also included and colour coded using a traffic light system.

Is this for you?

Are you concerned about the amount of sugar you or your children are eating?

Are you a diabetic who needs more guidance and support?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you?

Get confused about food labeling and where sugars are hidden in food?

Experience mood swings and headaches if you go for a day without sugar?

Get stuck for snack ideas for yourself and your children?

Experience mid-afternoon energy slumps?

Crave sweet treats during the day and after meals?

Get a bloated stomach after eating?


Inspiration for SugarSnub™ came to Claire White after she had endured months of grueling treatment for breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with at the age of 38, when her son was just 18 months old.

Having previously been fit and healthy, she immediately wanted
to find a way to help herself get back on her feet and at the
same time help others. Following research and consultation,
Claire learnt about the dangers of sugar on her future health
and decided to go sugar-free.

I’ve created a book that I wished was available when
I gave up sugar, there is a lack of practical advice for supermarket shopping. I, like most people, don’t have time to look at lots of food packets when doing the
weekly shop. It’s been such an eye opener, it’s scary
to realise how much sugar is in so many items, but
also reassuring that I, like others, can scan the lists
and make informed choices.


Claire is evangelical about the benefits of reducing sugar, and passionate about sharing what she has discovered with others. “My experience of cutting out sugar and previous training in nutrition is helping me support and inform others where sugar is hiding in our lives”.


Claire offers consultations, workshops and free talks, on Sugar Reduction.

To find out more:


Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of excess sugar in our diets.

Most weeks it’s in the media, celebrities are campaigning and the Government are taking notice and implementing a plan.

Sugar has been taking over our diet without us realising just how much we are consuming. Food experts agree that the amount of sugar in everyday foods
is too high but still the foods are readily available on supermarket shelves. The reality is that you are the only person who can control the amount of sugar
you and your family eat.

We know about the obvious foods and we eat them with a slight guilt; as a treat, to congratulate ourselves, to celebrate, to commiserate, to socialise, to treat someone else. We know about these sugary delights.

But what about the other sugars?

Most know about the sugar in condiments; tomato sauce, bbq sauce, baked beans etc., but who knew the second ingredient listed on some soy sauce is sugar – I certainly didn’t! Our taste buds are trained to like and expect a sweet taste from many foods and snacks we eat. We need to re train our taste buds to embrace
and enjoy savory.

I’m not saying you should live your lives completely without sugar, without chocolate or treats, but to learn to live without a dependence on sugar. To buy
and cook knowing exactly what’s on the menu and to make informed choices
for yourself and your family.


More and more research is being done on the effects of sugar on our bodies,
and a number of studies have found that sugar:

Inhibits our immune system, making it harder to fight off viruses and infections

Is a large contributing factor to developing type 2 diabetes

Upsets the mineral balance in our bodies, causing deficiencies as well

as interfering with mineral absorption

Speeds up the ageing process

Has been connected with the development of cancers of breast, ovaries,

prostrate, rectum, pancreas, lung, gallbladder and stomach

Is linked to dementia

Causes an acidic digestive tract, indigestion and malabsorption

Can cause a rapid rise in adrenaline, anxiety and loss of concentration



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The ultimate advice and supermarket food shopping guide for those who wish to reduce sugar in their diets

Containing advice, simple steps, and a Traffic Light Guide to over 7000 of your favourite foods, the SugarSnub™ Food Guide will help you enjoy
a reduced sugar lifestyle.

Supermarket foods have been categorised, and using the Food Standards Agency’s recognised system, arranged in order of
sugar quantities.

Included are the other essential markers for food advice:
Fat, Saturated Fat, Salt and Calories.

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If you’d like to read more about the latest research, advice and facts on sugar please visit the links below.

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